In case you haven’t heard, incredibly, amazingly, and due to all of your steadfast efforts, we won this round.

See my post below for details.

You stopped fracking in the Delaware River Basin for now.  You won this round.  It is not a complete victory but it is a huge victory.  You brought us back from the brink of total devastation.


Buses have been chartered, Amtrak tickets have been bought, hotels have been booked.  Great speakers will be there and we have a hugely important moment on our hands to push the momentum forward.

We have just had a major victory, that is true. But there is immense suffering happening and irreparable damage being done across Pennsylvania, across the US and across the world from fracking. New York state is in the process of holding crucial hearings on it’s drilling regulations and we must weigh in. We are not stopping now, we must redouble our efforts, encouraged by this significant and symbolic but momentary win. Stopping fracking in the Delaware River Basin, even just for this moment is huge but it is also a drop in the bucket. We must push ahead.

We must take this momentary victory at the Delaware River and press on.  Let’s not lose our incredible momentum We have to keep up our level of action and perseverance not back down.

We will still have our 1st Amendment Non-Violence trainings on Sunday November 20th in Trenton and in New York City and you can still sign up for them HERE.

We are planning the details for Monday now, so please check back to get the full plan.  But we are going to rally and march to the steps of the Capitol in Trenton and be joined by NJ lawmakers who passed the ban on fracking in the legislature and there will be several great guest speakers.

We have also been gathering stories and testimonials at for over a year and we have had 1100 submissions.  There is an terrible crisis going on due to fracking all over the country and internationally and we will share some of these important stories as we prepare to submit them to Congress.

Check back soon for more details.

I want to take one more moment to thank the incredible coalition that made so much noise these past few months and all of you, from the local organizations Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Delaware Riverkeeper, United for Action, Catskill Mountainkeeper, NYH2O, Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy, Protecting our Waters and others to the Big Greens, EWG, Earth Justice, NRDC, Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club, to the brilliant and passionate groups working for Climate Justice, Peaceful Uprising and of course, Tar Sands Action.  You folks are amazing.

So, if you were preparing to come to Trenton, please join us as we build this movement stronger and stronger.  We’ll be there to push the fight forward, mark our accomplishment with a roar and show them we will not back down.

More details soon.


and the GASLAND team