Three things you can do:

1) Call the Governors and President Obama TODAY and tell them Don’t Drill the Delaware, and Don’t approve ANY regulations to permit fracking!

  1. Governor Christie’s office  –             609-292-6000      
  2. Governor Cuomo’s office –             518-474-8390      
  3. Gov Corbett’s office –             717-787-2500      
  4. Gov Markell’s Wilmington Office –             302-577-3210      
  5. And the white house comment line is             202-456-1111      

2) Come to the DRBC meeting!

When: November 21, 8 am,

Where: Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, 1 Memorial Drive Trenton, N.J. Coming from another location? 

Bus sign up HERE.

Sign up for email updates HERE.

3) There are two the Peaceful Non Violent First Amendment Trainings taking place on November 20th: 

-Sign up for the Training in Trenton HERE.

-Sign up for the Training in NYC HERE.

3 thoughts on “ACTION CENTER

  1. Just take a look at the Nigeria Delta where Big Oil has run rampant for decades to find out what is ahead if fraking gets a toe hold in America. This is not just about drill baby drill but about the take over of American land for exploitation that will never be reversed once it starts.

  2. We must not allow the natural gas corporations to poison our water supply with the toxic drilling practice of fracking.

    “The Delaware River Basin” in US and “The water table CHAMPIGNY” in France

    In partnership with the gathering of the DELAWARE 21 NOV 2011

    ON Sunday, November 20
    A SCHISTMOB near the SITE Villemareuil 77 in Seine et Marne

    INFORM and bring our SUPPORTS Delaware, CANADA,
    States affected by the American Exploration and Oil.

    In this Sunday, November 20th we collect close to an oil drilling site,
    To say NO to uncontrolled technical and extremely dangerous for the environment,
    Water for our groundwater and the health of all!

    We organized the rally to raise awareness of Seine et Marne
    (But also those with the Ile de France PARIS unfamiliar with the drilling of the Seine and Marne, and associations that protect the water) on the drilling project which incorporates by company Geopetrol in this area!
    And the 14 environmental monitoring wells authorized by the Prefecture of Melun September 12, 2011, to company TOREADOR.

    14:00 to 18:00, to symbolize the link with the State of Delaware and JOSH FOX (Gasland director of the film), the United States we gather near the drilling Villemareuil in Seine et Marne 77-A4 Paris-Metz.
    To reaffirm that we do not want our opposition and firm and final exploration and exploitation of gas and oil shale in Seine et Marne, France and the world!
    Neither here nor elsewhere, nor today, nor tomorrow

    Inform citizens of what is happening,
    From what we allow and no longer accept the Oil Industry! ! !

    This supports the call by Josh Fox director of Gasland launched in Delaware where the river is completely destroyed, pillaged, polluted for years by the oil industry!

    Is the call of the day 21/11 of the United States and in France on November 20 that links also with the rally on the eve of the protection of Dhuis!

    It is not said hydraulic fracturing on this site, this drilling use chemicals, but it is a conventional drilling;
    The Vigilance Committee is to open the debate, to inform farmers that we hope will be there.
    This well is a new drill that will go up to 2000m deep, we want to ensure that this event and the link with the disaster of Delaware, marks the minds on what we really want!
    Companies drilling on 24/24h working and allow all to be aware of the techniques used now!

    I thank all those who can make this 20/11 near Villemareuil near the A4 motorway, the route will be signposted to the site of Villemareuil ME-4H.
    We do not mind the work of these companies, we will be there as an observer, for approval this afternoon trading with the American State, with which in a few days we will exchange. A roundtable will be organized by wearing our concern about chemicals and health risk of all this in the conventional drilling and unconventional!
    The evidence and interventions of a member of the ATC, and a geologist, and the participation of all to share and inform on the subject are welcome!
    This event will be filmed and sent to Josh Fox, and an exchange will be initiated at the end it can be reaffirmed his desire to come to finish the film in France!

    We are at your disposal,
    By mail:

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