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  1. Anonymous permalink
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    The world is little. Any pollutions are very bad for all of us. We must stop destroying everything. The Chinese people do anything; the russians too, and now the americans!
    People have to lurn how to behave so that the world is safe. We have to do it.
    Save the Delaware River basin, it is necessary to keep it clean, we need, you need its water
    Stop ruining the country..

  2. Anonymous permalink
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    I have lived here my entire life. This is ridiculous. It doesn’t seem like many people care. It’s not even in the newspapers.

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    My descendants lived on the Delaware….This river was extremely important to them…They knew , without it we would die….Please don’t do this to the Delaware.!!! Leave it as Creator intended it to be, for us to thrive on….Without this…We will surely die.

  4. nanna permalink
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    we live here in n.y.c, some family members lives on the west coast calforina, & down south in both flordia, richmond, va ., philly, pa., & georgia…we will all be effected by any fracking thats allowed wheather far or near delaware river basin!

    a wake up call!?


  5. Anonymous permalink
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    Water and land is the true wealth of life and this country. We have to protect it, not exploit it and destroy some savage human beings do. I cherish my health and my family and will do anything to protect us from what may come. Chris Christie lives in the same county as me, and his drinking would be just as affected as mine, he would be a foolish man to put such a value thing into jeopardy. Please everyone spread the word to as many people as you can, bring your family, your neighbors, your friends to the protest. This is our chance before its too late!

  6. Bill Young permalink
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    The Delaware River has survived abuse and pollution for centuries. We need to protect it from this environmental disaster called fracking. Fracking is messy, dirty, and unproven as to the short-term and long-term impacts.

  7. Harry Elliffe permalink
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    i wish to support you after having seen the GASLAND movie, I have been spreding the word in Australia.
    The gas industry is well away in Australia and many wells have been planned here.
    The farmers are campaigningf against the expansion of the first few wells, without much report of aquifer contamination, but it is very early days.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous permalink
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    Stop Gas Drilling! It’s a crime against humanity!

  9. Anonymous permalink
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    Is there a bus leaving Sunday Nov. 20th for Trenton? If so, at what time
    and from where? I’d like to go. If I can’t make this one, I’ll leave Monday AM.
    PEACE, Catherine

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    first it was the dam project, for which they kicked out many Delaware River Residents, families living, some for generations, along the River. But that boondoggle was blocked by a storm of protest. And now this! We have to fight this!!

  11. Anonymous permalink
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    I grew up in NYC in the mid 20th century. We had the good fortune to have the best drinking water system in the world. I am so glad I was able to live in a time when that could happen. Let’s make it happen again!!!! :)

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    see the GASLAND movie, spread the word! SAVE the River!

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    Catherine, please check the bus link at the top of the home page. that contains all the bus information, which is being managed by food and water watch.

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    Keep up the important work

  15. Mary-Jane permalink
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    Please don’t let them ruin our beautiful watershed!

  16. JDBlackhawk permalink
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    To any politicians paying attention-the drilling companies hire transients (not locals), crime has increased wherever these drilling sites are, and housing costs have gone up, forcing locals to leave. So don’t tell me this is benefiting the local economy. And I don’t particularly care for the huge fracking trucks I see on the little two-lanes everywhere in Pennsylvania, causing noise pollution and destroying the infrastructure that was never created for these huge multi-ton vehicles. And these companies don’t even contribute to our tax base? So I guess that means the rest of us will be left paying for the destruction and waste left behind. Most people in my region don’t even use natural gas, and this would include thousands of us in my county alone. This area (Pike County) was the birthplace of the conservation movement What a blot on American history it would be to see this area laid waste for future generations.


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